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Take advantage of our Book By Size And Save option to save money on your Central Florida accommodations. It's simple, really... Let our vacation planners know the specific number of bedrooms you need for your vacation. We'll pick from a selection of our quality vacation homes or villas. This will help us manage our inventory better, and will help you save money on your next vacation. Guests do pay a small premium to reserve a particular property. Bypass this premium by letting Magical Memories place you in a property of their choice. We won't disappoint.


3 Bedroom Vacation Home with Pool
Home Exterior
Vacation in a 3 bedroom home with a private pool and have lots of space for 8 guests. At least one bedroom will have a set of twin beds which is perfect for young children or teenagers. A private pool enclosed within a screened patio is great for all ages! You are ensured a beautiful house when renting through our "Book by Size and Save" Program.
4 Bedroom Vacation Home with Pool
Vacation Home Pool
Reserve a 4 bedroom home with a private pool to have living space for 10 guests. Typically, two bedrooms will feature sets of twin beds, while the other bedrooms come with a queen sized bed or king sized bed. Host afternoon picnics outside at your own private pool! "Book by Size and Save" to have vacation dollars left over for the big amusements and popular shopping centers!