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Vacation Rental Property Management

Magical Memories, as market leaders, provides strong support to maximize your investment. Our professional management is second to none. At Magical Memories we hold our staff to a higher standard, providing exceptional service for a high quality product.

We are built on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in the Vacation Rental Management industry. Our team is dedicated to providing the best support to our homeowners. Serving as a one-stop-shop for management; handling everything from housekeeping and maintenance, to marketing and reservations in office. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and quality of rental properties, which will keep our guests returning year after year.

We have experienced growing demand for our high quality properties. Guests prefer the benefits of additional space and privacy while on vacation. We’d love to work with you to meet this demand and fill your property with qualified guests. Do not take it upon yourself to manage your vacation rental. It’s a daunting task that can be overwhelming. The Magical Memories team has the experience to get the job done right, and make your investment a profitable choice. Contact us today to learn more about our vacation rental property management services.

Property Services
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Our Property Services department is one of the biggest advantages of joining Magical Memories. We have a professional staff that serves as your main point of contact handling everything from repairs, to owner reservations to a complete update that would highly increase the value of your property. We act as your “eyes and ears,” and are able to monitor your property around the clock. This one-on-one relationship helps build a strong bond between us and the homeowner. The Property Services staff is backed by an amazing maintenance and housekeeping team. Together, they make sure our properties remain well cared for and presented in meticulous fashion
Higher Standards
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The Magical Memories name is defined by the quality of our properties. Our goal is to meet even the highest expectations of our guests. High quality properties that boast upgrades and premier amenities are able to maintain high rates, and yield a higher occupancy.
Property Standards
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Our homeowners are required to keep furnishings updated and modern. Bright, natural colors and themed rooms stand apart from the rest. Properties with modern technology like Flat-Screened HD TVs in every room, Blu-Ray Players, games systems, iPod dock with stereo system, and even desk top computers receive the most bookings. Nearly all properties are required to have Wi-Fi internet access. Our guests want to remain online even while on vacation. Security is a major concern for guests vacationing in an unfamiliar environment. The more we can make our guests feel safe, the better. Magical Memories offers Kaba brand door locks. These durable combination locks not only allow guests to check in directly at your property, but serve as a reputable option for trusted security to both our homeowners and seasonal guests
Guest Service
Guest Service Desk
The warm and welcoming lobby at our guest service center is large and spacious allowing us to handle a large volume of guest with ease and efficiency. We are centrally located, giving weary guests convenience and direction when checking in. Our high level of customer service sets us apart from the rest. At Magical Memories we hold our staff to a higher standard, providing exceptional service for a high quality product. We’re only a phone call away with whatever our guests need during their vacation. Our after hour’s emergency support is quick to respond at any hour, ensuring that we make every guests vacation magical.
Sales and Marketing

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Magical Memories is at the forefront in the marketing and distribution of vacation rentals. The depth of our marketing department stretches across internet marketing and vacation rental photography, to videography, social media, and traditional media outlets. Thousands of websites list our rental properties, along with international travel magazines, books, and TV shows on popular networks. We maintain great relationships with the most popular online travel agents. SEO is extremely important to us as we continue to list in the top positions of well-utilized search engines. Efforts online make it easy for people planning a vacation to the Orlando area to find great accommodations.

A team of experienced graphics professionals' in-office handles real estate photography to our properties. Through our experience and a high level of technology, we are able to capture high quality photography that is displayed brilliantly on our website. Magical Memories strives for a well-displayed website and works around-the-clock to ensure proper distribution of our inventory online. The vacation planner has to be able to glide through our many website pages and most importantly, the booking process, in an effortless manner.

Reservation Team
Reservations With our audience being widespread across the World, it's important that we're able to process reservations around-the-clock. Magical Memories is able to convert reservations 24 hours, 7 days a week. We don't close during holidays, and have a team that is available when our audience needs us the most. It is crucial that we are active for a demanding international market. Company incentives and on-going software education keep our reservationists fresh with motivation and knowledge.
There's no question that guests demand the best when arriving to their vacation rental home. Properties need to be fully cleaned and sanitized upon check-in and throughout the year. Nothing is overlooked at Magical Memories as we carry extremely high standards. Our processes remain very efficient as we inspect each property after cleaning and promote a thorough system of checks and balances. An in-office laundry facility ensures that linen and bath towels are properly cleaned and inspected by professionals within a tight system of quality control. The goal with our Housekeeping department is to get the job done right the first time.


Maintenance Technician

Proper maintenance of your vacation home is necessary to ensure the highest return on investment. Simply put, our guests will not be happy in a property that is distressed and not up-to-date with technology and design. This is a challenge with many owners of second homes. Magical Memories is quick to respond in any household situation. We treat issues as simple as a faulty light bulb and broken clothes washer to an utility problem with urgency. Unnecessary costs are eliminated as we don't charge ridiculous visitation fees and we seek approval from our homeowners for extreme costs for repair or replacement.

Maintenance staff possesses many skills to handle a wide variety of jobs, from small to large. The Magical Memories maintenance team are individually licensed and trained in HVAC services, pool maintenance, carpet cleaning, and exterior care of your vacation home. We take pride in what we do and understand that routine maintenance is a must for honest up-keep of the rental properties in our large inventory.

Next Steps
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Magical Memories would love the chance to get to know you and introduce you to our diverse company. The transition from your current property management company should not be a difficult task. We work hard to ensure a smooth transition into our homeowner program. Please contact us today to learn more about the advantages of vacation rental property management with Magical Memories.