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Vacation Chef Services

Your vacation is supposed to be a relaxing experience, free of any household duties and stress. Magical Memories’ vacation properties come furnished with a fully-equipped kitchen. Don’t feel like you have to cook every meal every day for the family. Instead, hire a personal vacation chef to prepare meals during your vacation! The Orlando Vacation Chef has been in business for over 15 years throughout the Orlando area. Linda Page offers personalized menus and a variety of healthy meals prepared in the comfort of your vacation home or villa. Avoid the hassles of traffic and long lines at restaurants. She can serve breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner for about the same price it would cost to go out and eat on the town.

The Orlando Vacation Chef can prepare small delicious snacks for the family to pack and enjoy at the Disney parks. Call Linda prior to arrival for grocery shopping services and for her to stock your fridge and prepare a welcoming dinner for the whole group! This service comes highly recommended by Magical Memories for experience and customer service. Begin your planning by calling Linda Page at (407) 856-7853.